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Hi, I'm Nayem Musaddik! As an experienced Engineer and Senior Software Developer, I have honed my skills in .NET Framework, C#, and Web Application Development over the years. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master's in Information Technology from University of Dhaka, I have a solid foundation in software development. I have experience in API Development, Back-End Web Development, Microservices, Kanbanize, Git, and Entity Framework Core, among others. Currently, I am an Engineer at Ding, where I have been working for the past year. Before that, I was a Senior Software Developer at Digicon Technologies Ltd for five months and a Software Developer for three years and four months. I also worked as an Android Development Trainer at Digicon Technologies Ltd, where I was responsible for skill development for mobile games and applications. I am proud to hold certifications such as the .Net Professional Training from Daffodil International University-DIU, Google Msite Certificate, and Problem Solving (Basic) from HackerRank. I have also completed a .NET 5 & .NET Core 3.1 Web API & Entity Framework Jumpstart course on Udemy. My expertise in Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, and Entity Framework (EF) Core has helped me excel in my work. If you're looking for a dedicated and skilled software developer for your team, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out to me

  • Website: www.musaddik.com
  • Phone: +88071783246746
  • City: Dhaka, Bangladesh


.net Core 70%
OOP 80%
Java 60%
JavaScript 50%
C# 80%
Html & CSS 80%
PHP 60%


Web Application Development

API Development

Back-End Web Development

Software Engineering








Version Control


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Nayem Musaddik

Experienced Software Engineer with Expertise in .NET Framework and Web Application Development


Master of Information Technology (MIT)

2019 - 2021

Institute of Information Technology

University of Dhaka

Bachelor of Science(B.Sc)

2014 - 2018

Computer Science & Engineering

Daffodil International University

Professional Experience

Engineer-Core Development

July 2022 - Present


  • Developed impact-driven APIs and Web-app using .net Core, C#, HTML, CSS, and JS,which millions of users use daily worldwide.
  • Wrote and maintained "clean" and "well-designed code" in the git repository
  • Conducted manual development tests and fi xed bugs also followed the TDD approach
  • Assisted the Team Leader with all aspects of software design and coding.
  • Responded to requests from the development/design/marketing team.
  • Attended and contributed to company development meetings
  • Monitored the technical performance of internal systems and provided maintenance support

Senior Software Developer

December 2018 - July 2022

Digicon Technologies Limited Dhaka,Bangladesh

  • Designed and build solutions to meet business needs using: .net Core, C#, HTML, CSS,VueJs.
  • Maintain existing systems and respond to problems in order to ensure programs remaineffective
  • Participated in walk-through of system and investigates, designs, coding, and testing inorder to minimize occurrence of program problems.
  • Monitoring the technical performance of internal systems and providing maintenancesupport.
  • Tested the stability and functionality and Provided proper technical support to partners



NET 5 & .NET Core 3.1 Web API &Entity Framework Jumpstart-Udemy

This certificate above verifies that Nayem Musaddik successfully completed the course .NET 7 Web API & Entity Framework Jumpstart on 06/13/2022.

.Net Professional Training

Organized by Dept. of CSE, Daffodil International University

Problem Solving (Basic)

It covers basic topics of Data Structures (such as Arrays, Strings) and Algorithms (such as Sorting and Searching).


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